November 17, 2008

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Sunset & Moonrise

image by Miguel Claro, Lisbon, Portugal (scroll a long way to the right)

Last Thursday I tried to shoot a panoramic view of the moment in which we can observe both, the birth of the Full Moon on the east, and in the west the Sunset. To take this difficult picture I made a panorama with my Canon 400D, composed of 17 images, and to do this I picked the top of Christ the King monument, more than 100 feet high, where I recorded a magnificent view of the south bank of Lisbon. On the side of the Full Moon we can see the biggest bridge in Europe, "Vasco da Gama." In the middle of the image we can enjoy the Arrábida Mountains and in the west, near the Sunset we can see the place where the Atlantic Ocean joins the River Tagu, in Lisbon.
Miguel Claro

Note by CAW: This is a remarkable mosaic! Is it a first? It is certainly the widest LPOD (sorry to iPhone viewers) and I think the largest file
size (sorry to modem users).

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