November 13, 2014

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Not Linda

image by Valere LEROY and annotated by Luc CATHALA, France

When I observe the lunar north pole I look for two touching craters that are my guideposts to the pole. Challis and Main are flat-floored, interlocking craters just on the poleward edge of the fresh crater Scoresby. Immediately beyond the twins is a similar size, flat-floored crater named Gioja. And opening up behind Gioja is Byrd, a large flat-floored crater, and beyond that, clipping the pole itself, is another crater named for a great polar explorer, Peary. I have seen all of these at the eyepiece, but I haven't noticed the very large Hermite, centered just over the limb, nor Lovelace which is even further onto the far side. Have you ever seen William Randolph Lovelace?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
11 November 2014 at 02h30 TU. Newton 250 mm, with an ASI120MC camera, this mosaic is treated with AS2 and IRIS; 200/3000 images stacked.

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