November 11, 2014

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En Garde

south up image by Jose Cabello, España

Jose comments that his tonally beautiful image includes what is known as the sword in the Moon in Spain, and it has been widely called the sword in British selenography too. The Straight Wall is the blade and the curved mountain at the top is the grip, with the perpendicular range of hills being the cross guard. The grip is largely the eastern portion of a roughly 20 km wide crater whose remaining sides are missing, probably down-faulted out of sight along with the terrain on the western side of the Wall. If so, the Straight Wall fault is longer than the blade. Much of the cross guard is part of the rim of Thebit P, a 77 km wide ruin of a crater nestled into the southeast corner of Ancient Thebit.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2014/OCT/31. C11, QHY5L-II, Barlow 2X, IR-Pass 685nm

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