November 1, 2013

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New Scope, New Camera, New Quality

image by Robert Reeves, San Antonio, Texas

For several days in late October, the poor summer skies were swept away by a front that gave me three consecutive mornings of great seeing. The attached image was taken the morning of Oct 23, 2013. When dew shut me down the previous night, I left the scope and camera as is and closed the observatory. On the morning of the 23rd, I woke the scope up and pointed it at the Moon and the attached scene was the first thing I saw on my laptop screen. The exposure and focus were perfect as is from the previous day, all I did was click the "record" button. I am delighted at my good fortune in capturing Rima and Rupes Cauchy with my new C-11 and Skyris 274M. I have stalked these features for years with my old C-8 and DMK camera, but circumstances always showed these features as mere scratches on the Moon. This new C-11 image finally does the region justice!

Robert Reeves
Planet 26591 Husband of Planet 26592

Technical Details
Oct 23, 2013. Best 300 of 2000 frames taken through a Celestron 11 Edge HD, 2.5X Powermate, and Skyris 274M camera. Processed in AutoStakkert, RegiStax6, and CS3.

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