May 8, 2009

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What is LPOD About?

image made with Wordle

LPOD is a daily blog about the Moon, but what is it really about? I don't know - I am too caught up in the nightly panic to produce it, but there is software to help analyze LPOD. Wordle is one of the class of software that creates word clouds. The colors and positions only add interest, the sizes of the words is where the information is: size is based upon how often a word occurs in text. I compiled all the words in the last 30 days of LPOD and Wordle determined word frequency and made the neat pattern to display them. The three largest words accurately describe LPOD - almost every day there is an image of a crater on the Moon. I describe the ejecta, floor and rim of craters, and recognize the Moon-changing role of impact basins, the largest craters. It is surprising that the words for other landforms like rille, mare and rays are so small, they must be much less discussed than craters. Perhaps LPOD should be LCOD - Lunar Crater of the Day.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
It would be interesting to see the word cloud for 12 months of LPODs...

Yesterday's LPOD: A Rille That Doesn't Know What To Do with Itself

Tomorrow's LPOD: Little Known Polar Valleys


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