May 4, 2016

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Amazing Pan

Originally published March 13, 2006

Apollo 15 - Andreas
image by Andreas Vossinakis

The Apollo 15 landing site along the winding Hadley Rille is the most spectacular place humans have (yet) visited on the Moon. Andreas explains how he decided to provide a panoramic view - offering us mere mortals a feeling of being there:
It all started when I saw April’s 30 LPOD (More Jewels from the Vault). I downloaded the Apollo 15 traverse map and took a long look at it. I realized that from the position of station 2 the view of Hadley rille would be exceptional. Then I took a visit to the Project Apollo Archives and searched for images from the area. To my surprise there were some very recently added (25 May 2005) images. I downloaded nine images and stitched them together with Photoshop. The hard part for a panorama is to make an even contrast and brightness all over the frame. Then I took off the reseau grid, trying not to alter the image too much. In the picture we can see Hadley Mountain as well. The crater to the right of the rover is named Elbow. I think it is named like that because the rille is forming a right angle there resembling an elbow.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Andreas used photos AS15-85-11446HR, AS15-85-11447HR, AS15-85-11448HR, AS15-85-11449HR, AS15-85-11450HR, AS15-85-11451HR, AS15-85-11452HR, AS15-85-11453HR and AS15-85-11455HR.
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