May 4, 2012

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More Yang Coming To T. Mayer

image by Lambert Spix, Germany

While observing Tobias Mayer near Copernicus, Lambert - the person, not the crater - saw that the shadow crossing T.Mayer's floor was curved, presenting a ying-yang aspect. That is a very apt pattern for a lunar crater for the ying black shape stands for dark and cold in Chinese lore, white yang is bright, hot and other positive characteristics. Certainly the 14 Earth day long lunar night is cold and dark, but it would not exist without the equal and opposite period of illumination and brightness. The balance is required by the Moon's rotation, continual movement of heat and cold, bright and dark, not the static oneness captured in our images. But enough pop psychology, it is unexpectedly clear and I am going out to observe. T. Mayer should be all yang tonight.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
1.5.2012, 20:45h - 21:15h MESZ (18:45h - 19:15h UT). Celestron CPC 9,25" @ 290x. Colongitude: 37,6°, Lib Lat: +7°, Lib Long: -7°.

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