May 4, 2005

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Musical Nomenclature


Image Credit: Apollo 15 151-23268 and Danny Caes

Musical Nomenclature

Here's one of Apollo 15's most interesting orbital lunar images showing the well-known area near the remains of the flooded crater Prinz and the system of rilles to the north of it. The original of this image (AS15-93-12608) is online in the LPI's superb Apollo Image Atlas, in the photo-gallery of Kipp Teague's A15 page (which is part of Kipp's magnificent Project Apollo Archive), and also in David Woods' Apollo 15 Flight Journal. It is interesting to know that this image was also printed in the National Geographic February 1972 article 'To the Mountains of the Moon' by Kenneth F. Weaver. Note: The red names on the photo (Prinz, Ivan, Vera) are the names which were also included on map 19 of Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon. The dark-red names (Krieger C, Rima Prinz I, etc) were included on map 25 in the Times Atlas of the Moon. The black names (Rima Beethoven, Rima Handel, Rima Telemann) were only included on LTO-map 39-A3 (of the 'Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps'). The crater Aristarchus (white) is located off-screen to the bottom-left of the photograph.

Danny Caes

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