May 31, 2004

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Ten Day Old Moon


Image Credit: Ralph Pass

Ten Day Old Moon

I am constantly impressed that CCD and webcam technology is making serious astro-imagers of us all. Here is a quite nice mosaic of two images that form a publication quality view of the 10 day old Moon. This is the way the Moon looks in the eyepiece. The image also usefully shows not only detail near the terminator but albedo patches such as the famous dark ring around northern and eastern Serenitatis and the pyroclastic deposits around Sinus Aestuum. Click the image for a higher resolution, color view that I have enhanced with an unsharp mask.

Technical Details:
This was originally a color image, taken Jan 23, 2002. A mosaic of two images in each color. Each of the red, green, and blue images was an exposure of 0.1 seconds. The images were taken with a Pictor 1616 with a Pictor 616 filter wheel attached to an Meade 10" F/6.772 telescope which was stopped down to 70mm. Meade Red, Green, and Blue filters were used. Each of the images was corrected with a dark frame and a flat field. The images were corrected for band sensitivities and unsharp masked before combination

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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