May 30, 2006

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A Lunar Nebula

image from Apollo 10 (AS10-30-4365), courtesy Project Apollo Archive

I know the Moon quite well, as do many of the visitors to LPOD. So when John McConnell sent me this image I thought it was from the farside swirl group inside Mare Ingenii. But looking at the Clementine image of the area failed to reveal a match to the pattern. According to the coordinates the Apollo 10 spacecraft was over 5°N, 115°E near the crater Firsof, which is much closer to the swirl in Mare Marginis. Hmm. Who can identify this area exactly? Post the coordinates of the swirl and most critically, a link to a confirming image, in the comment section below. Thanks! Oh yes, assuming this is a swirl, it has a very convoluted texture and hints at depth - especially at the top where a swirl on the flank of an impact crater is rimmed with darkness.

Chuck Wood

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