May 29, 2014

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Welcome Back, Paolo!

image by Paolo Lazzarotti, Italy

Plato is one of the most attractive formations on the Moon; it almost defines classic. Paolo's recently processed image from three years ago shows the well known dramatic spire-like shadows across the floor, as well as the less often seen narrow rilles around the crater. In addition, the foreground holds Ancient Newton with its scattered line of secondary pits near the Mount Pico, as well as the slit-like rille to the northeast. Two fainter rilles are just visible; one at the bottom left near the simultaneous impact craters Plato K and KA, and the other at the terminator on the west side of Plato. This is a very illusive feature but definitely recorded here. Rounding out the rilles is the relatively giant Rima Plato I and its vee vent just east of Plato. Keep processing the old images, Paolo, I want to see more.

Chuck Wood

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