May 26, 2009

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image by Igor Korenika, Slovenia

When it began, LPOD proclaimed an interest in the places, books and people important in lunar history, as well as lunar images and maps. We have been sorely remiss in places and people so I am pleased to feature Igor's photo from his pilgrimage to the historic Paris Observatory at Meudon. In the foreground, brought all the way from Slovenia just for this picture, Igor has placed the last traditional classic book named The Moon, by Wilkins and Moore. The connection is that in the early 1950s the authors received permission to visually observe with the great 33" refractor of the Meudon Observatory, which I assume is within the dome in the background. The Moon includes drawings of Gassendi, the Cobra Head, Stadius and other lunar features made with the Grand Lunette - the 33". I look forward to receiving more pictures of telescopes, observatories and people associated with the Moon, especially if, as here, a relevant map, photo or book is included.

Chuck Wood

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