May 24, 2017

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The Face of the Universe

Originally published October 3, 2007

image mosaic from Miguel Claro

Does the cosmos take itself too seriously? Is the universe really such a big deal? These are the sort of deep questions you might ask yourself upon viewing Miguel’s moasic. And if you teach you might also ask how can this humorous image be used educationally? First, ask students to identify all the pieces of the anatomy. If they have problems let them see Miguel’s poster. So, this really could be called the Face of the Solar System. What is missing? How could the missing objects be added - Neptune as an ear ring? What can you say about the relative sizes of the objects - are they to scale? What would the face look like if they were? I am sure you can think of more ways to use this image to engage kids in learning. And when you finish, take a look at Miguel’s Saganesque YouTube video (scroll down), Art and the Universe.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Miguel writes: For this composition i used 7 astronomical pictures captured with an ETX90ec, a Webcam Philips T. Cam Pro and with the HP Photosmart 850. The separate pictures and also the composition were made by me. After i had the inspiration i just had to copy, cut and paste each image in the right site to create this face without any kind of manipulation. All the images that compsed the poster are real.

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