May 21, 2021

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Moon Gate

Originally published October 2, 2011 LPOD-Oct2-11.jpg
image by Miguel Claro, Portugal

Here we can see the intense light trail of the waning Moon during an exposure of 4 hours, and just below the Moon at the top, the trail of the planet Jupiter. At lower right, are visible the stars of Orion. In general, a lot of of constellations are visible, such as: Andromeda, Perseus, Triangulum, Aries, Camelopardalis, Gemini, Auriga, Taurus and the trail of the planet Mars, which blends into the track left by the intense glow of the Moon behind the old iron gate.

Miguel Claro

Technical Details
18/09/2011 between 23h36 and 3h44 AM. Canon 50D, 10mm lens f/4 ISO1000mm Exp.30s per image. Sum of 451 images, with a total time integration of 226 minutes.

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