May 20, 2012

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Glancing At Ryder

LRO NAC images M176670797RE and M176670797LE insert mosaic by Maurice Collins

Following up on a link to crater Ryder in a previous 2009 Dec 26, LPOD by given by Chuck in yesterdays discussion post, I had a look to see what high-resolution LRO Narrow Angle Camera images had been taken of the farside crater Ryder (44.5S, 143.2E), and I came across this amazing oblique shot across the crater. Piecing together the two images (insert) of the upper and lower parts of the crater, here is a much reduced sized image showing the scallop block on the floor and crater free rim on the Southeast side. There are other overhead (nadir) views also, including one M167268729RE which show the floor at the base of the wall of where a boulder has rolled down. There is another "groovy" image of the scallop in this image M113012783L which is visible in the Kaguya image in the previous LPOD. Graham Ryder was a great lunar geologist, and he certainly has a very interesting crater named after him! I hope you enjoy exploring it as much as I have.

Maurice Collins

Technical Details
The LROC WMS Image Map was used to find the images based on the lat/long of Ryder given in the 2005 Feb 16, LPOD
The image above has been mirror reversed to hopefully correct for the NAC mirroring.

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Here is a 20% sized (I didn't make any larger) of the oblique mosaic.
Another oblique view in M164947806R
Impact melt on floor in M159011850RC

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