May 2, 2018

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Dove of Peace

Originally published December 25, 2008 LPOD-Dec25-08.jpg
image by George Tarsoudis, Greece

Forty years ago the Apollo 8 crew orbited the Moon. Apollo 8 seemed to redeem a horrendous year with riots and assassinations in the USA, massive strikes in Europe and warfare in Vietnam. Peace was not in the air. But the sight of Earth rising about the east limb of the Moon gave a sense of wonderment to human endeavors. And the crew's famous Christmas Eve reading from the Bible's Book of Genesis encouraged a sense of hope for mankind. We are at a similar place today with a global crisis and fear gripping many lives. There is, thankfully, a widespread feeling of hope that the new American president can help right the world - we all wish him and us great success. But the Moon is overall, unrelenting, month after month, with its own White Dove of Peace looking out over a Sea of Serenity. At least today lets honor the message from the Moon to the good Earth and enjoy family and friends, serenity and hope. Merry Christmas and great hope for the new year.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Oblique impact rays of Menelaus. No image details.

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