May 15, 2014

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Look to the Mountains

image by Richard "Rik" Hill, Tucson, Arizona

Here's a stunning sunrise on the Montes Apenninus. When I saw this it was another of those 'gasp' moments. So many of the individual Mons are shown here. Starting in the upper right you have the recent (Copernician) crater Conan (named after Conan of Samos NOT O'Brien!) and just to the upper left of it the ramparts of Mons Bradley. Beyond the mountain you can see the wide Rima Bradley and some of the braided minor rimae with it. Moving down the Montes you next see Mons Huygens and Mons Ampere casting long shadows that are still hiding Huxley. Last in the chain and isolated by shadow from the rest is Mons Wolff dramatically catching the first rays of lunar morning.

Richard "Rik" Hill

Technical Details
This 3 image montage was made from 1500 frame AVIs, with 300 images each stacked using Registax6, combined with AutoStitch and finally processed with GIMP and IrfanView.

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