May 12, 2005

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Eclipse Stamp


Eclipse Stamp

Have you ever wished that the postal service would print stamps with pictures that interest you? In England and the USA (and other countries too?) you can now design your own stamps and use them as official postage. In England, the famous astronomy author and photographer Douglas Arnold has done just that. The flag half is an official UK stamp and carries the postage and country identification (the Queen in profile). The adjacent smaller piece is Douglas’ image of last fall’s lunar eclipse. The ability to showcase your astro-interest and image is reasonably priced - about 2-3 times the cost of a normal stamp (and you must order at least 20 stamps), but for less than a buck each you can produce a unique and personal heirloom! I will add a lunar stamp page to the Chuck Wood’s Moon site for lunar stamps that any of you create and let me know about!

Chuck Wood

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Charles A. Wood



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