May 10, 2009

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Abrasion And Rhino Hide

image by Christian Viladrich, France

In 1968, a year of assassignations and riots, Surveyor 7 landed 30 km north of Tycho. If you look closely on Christian's excellent image you.. can't see Surveyor, of course because it is about 200 times smaller than what we can resolve from Earth. But you can see the type of ejecta-scarred terrain where Surveyor soft-landed; look half way between the north rim of Tycho and Tycho A, the central peak crater above Tycho. The terrible abrasion of some nearby areas is illustrated on the floor of Pictet E, just northeast of Tycho. Contrast with the relative lack of scouring in the opposite direction - Tycho was an oblique impact. And finally, notice Tycho's floor - there appears to be some slight undulations in the dark impact melt. These were seen in the rhino-hide hyper-closeup of Orbiter V.

Chuck Wood
Happy Mom's Day to all the LPOD moms!

Technical Details
24 August 2008 - 4h07mnUT. Celestron 14 at F/19 (extender QX1.6 Takahashi) + Skynyx 2.1M video camera, 1000 images, Astronomik red filter

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