March 31, 2007

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A Straight Line Across the Moon

image by Jackie Cottam, Manchester, UK

The sun was setting here near Manchester in the UK, the sky was still light and nearby Venus was not her brilliant self yet. I’d found the pale crescent and had my new camera on a tripod when a jet from Manchester Airport came over. With the camera zoom at x12 I took a series of shots, this being the best. This was the camera’s first look at the Moon - I unfortunately didn’t get it till after the magnificent eclipse on March 3rd!

Jackie Cottam

Technical Details
20 March 2007, 18:34 UT. DMCFZ7 Panasonic camera. Being a ‘point-and-shoot and keep fingers crossed’ photographer, the camera was on Auto, but here are the settings it chose: ISO 80, f 3.6, 1/50sec

Yesterday's LPOD: Mount Tycho

Tomorrow's LPOD: A Remarkable Feat

Note from Chuck Wood: Next Tuesday and Wednesday I travel to NASA Langley Research Center to give a talk about the Moon and another on Cassini and Titan. On the next day I submit a $27.5 million proposal for a massive education program - I am still working furiously on it. And a few days after that I leave for Nicaragua for 10 days. So during the next few weeks there will only be minutes available for LPOD, rather than the normal 2 hrs. I will try to create an LPOD each day - I already missed March 28 - but like today, they may be interesting images with little text.


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