March 28, 2017

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Lunar People

Originally published July 21, 2007

mosaic of images taken by Jeff Warner

LPOD was initiated to commorate the Moon, especially by presenting wonderful images of it’s surface. The original statement of purpose also recognized lunar scientists as worthy of LPOD’s attention. Only rarely has that occurred, but the situation changes dramatically today. Jeff Warner, a NASA scientist who investigated lunar samples in the 1970s and early 80s, had the habit of taking a Polaroid picture of nearly everyone who came into his office at Johnson Space Center. Jeff has scanned all 208 images and allowed me to post them on the-Moon Wiki. His historically unique collection of images of lunar scientists from 20-30 years ago can become more valuable if the people pictured and others who knew them add information on their roles in Apollo and in studying the Moon. This will be a self written history which can and should include both the human and purely scientific stories. Pages can be added for each lunar person - I hope that they will be. The Warner Collection is just the beginning of an additional history emphasis for LPOD and the-Moon Wiki. I invite readers to contribute images and short biographies of lunar researchers, from Galileo to today The coming rapid surge in lunar exploration will be enriched by understanding the contributions of earlier generations of people fascinated by the Moon.

Chuck Wood

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