March 22, 2017

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The Blue Square Challenge

Originally published July 13, 2007

image from The-Moon Wiki

This is the first LPOD without a Moon image. The view above is the top part of the Kant crater entry for " The-Moon Wiki. The white question mark within the blue square means there is no image available for Kant. Most of the images that Mark Tillotson, Jim Mosher and I have been using for the new wiki are ones that have been uploaded into the LPOD Photo Gallery. If you go to the Kant wiki page here and click on the LPOD|Photo Gallery Images link you see a big empty blue field that says: No image to display. My challenge is for imagers to provide images needed for the 2000-plus pages of The-Moon Wiki. There are many good pictures of Kant - some have been featured on LPOD - but none have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery so aren’t available to the wiki. And this is true for many, many craters. For example, for Bessel we use a very poor Lunar Orbiter IV image, but I know that there are excellent ones taken by LPODites. So here is what I’d like you to do. Visit various features on the wiki, and if we lack an image or you have a better one than is displayed, upload your image to the LPOD Photo Gallery and email me that a better image is available. Or you can enter it on the wiki yourself - here are the instructions. A great thing about this competition (other then we will all benefit by having more information available on the wiki) is that because an image is needed for every single named lunar feature, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to have their lunar image featured on The-Moon Wiki, whether they use a 3″ scope or one you need a ladder to reach the eyepiece. Images should have north up and be tightly focussed on the named feature. Sharp is good, too! Lets banish blue squares!

Chuck Wood

PS - and you can gain fame by cutting out needed images from Lunar Orbiter, Clementine or Apollo and adding them to the Photogralley. Paolo Amoroso has been submitting one such image a day for the last 578 days!

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