March 22, 2013

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image of Chuck Wood and LPOD poster by Nick Long, LPSC attendee who just happened to be walking by

Thursday night is the second poster session at the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston. Another 700 plus posters to roam around looking at and talking about with the 2000 attendees. This is the LPOD crowd-sourced poster based on work by Patricio Leon, Diego González, Mark Zambelli, Ron Hentzel, Maurice Collins and me. In an earlier LPOD I asked for volunteers to search for V-shaped lunar vents, and the team found nearly 200. The fresher ones are often surrounded by pyroclastic deposits so the older ones probably were originally. The yellow dots on the maps show that V-vents are widely distributed and pyroclastic volcanism was more common than anyone suspected. Additional abstracts about the Moon were submitted by Raf Lena, Jim Phillips, George Tarsoudis, Mike Wirths and KC Pau, so LPOD-affiliated people were well represented. It was especially nice that Teemu Ohman and Deepak Dhingra, both faithful readers of LPOD and now planetary scientists, came by to say hello. And I sold 15 copies of the 21st Century Atlas that I had brought, including one to Nancy Todd of Johnson Space Center who supplyed information to Maurice Collins for his collection of stereo views of lunar samples. Thursday night was the best part of LPSC44!

Chuck Wood

Yesterday's LPOD: The Baja Orbiter Returns

Tomorrow's LPOD: Crater Morphology And Process


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