March 22, 2007

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The Moon Never Sets on LPOD

map image from ClustrMap, and insert image from Rob Kaufman

I happened to look at the bottom left corner of LPOD and was surprised to see so many red circles. Clicking on the thumbnail ClustrMap, up popped the one above showing where people have visited LPOD from over the last 20 days. Wow! I am impressed that since March 2 there have been 57,187 visits to LPOD from all across the globe. This works out to about 2860 visits/day. This is remarkable because the average for Jan and Feb 2007 was 1591/day and the average for all of last year was 1214/day. I wonder why the sudden surge - are there more web crawlers indexing LPOD or are there really that many more people interested in the Moon? I welcome all lunar observers everywhere, especially the lonely outposts in Iceland, Azores, Reunion, Nigeria, Tanzania, Iraq, Iran, Viet Nam, Korea, Male and all the other smal red dot places in between. And also the Americas, Europe and the rest of the world! We are a global network of Moon watchers - and probably moon lovers! Oh yes, I added Rob’s nice shot of last week’s waning crescent Moon (that he just uploaded to the Photo Gallery today), and took the liberty of adding a red dot at Crisium Base, where maybe someday there will be an LPOD contributer.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Kaufman image: 03/18/2007. Fujifilm Finepix S5500, 3 sec, F/3.1, ISO 200.

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