March 16, 2012

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The Videoification of the Moon

video ultimately from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The NASA visualization group at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland has released two short lunar videos based on LRO data. This colorful video of the origin and impactful evolution of the Moon is most dramatic. The second video is a tour of the Moon based mostly on the recent NASA visualization of LRO altimetry, with cuts to LRO camera images for detailed views. There are a few statements in the narrations that are over-simplifications, and the animation of the maria epoch implies that all of the maria formed at the same time, rather than over 1.5-2.0 billion years. But all in all, both videos will be great to introduce audiences to the Moon and its history. And they suggest that a great course - or series of video LPODs - could be assembled using the same techniques. Perhaps I will try it some day when time seems to pass more slowly. Many LPODites have more computer capabilities than me and perhaps some will produce video tours of the Humorum Basin, or ray patterns of oblique impact craters, or the 26 craters named for women. Let the fun begin.

Chuck Wood

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