March 11, 2012

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Cosmic Giant

image by Ricardo José Vaz Tolentino

This picture shows the comparison of the sizes of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the crater Copernicus, when photographed by the same telescope and camera. It is important to note that Jupiter has about the same angular diameter of the crater Copernicus, which has 93 km in diameter. Therefore, our natural satellite is a huge extraterrestrial territory to be explored, keeping many surprises to be discovered.

Ricardo José Vaz Tolentino

Technical Details
Dates / Times:
Copernicus: 07/10/2011; 21:54 Local Time;
Jupiter: 11/10/2011; 00:44 Local Time;
Saturn: 02/15/2011; 04:03 Local Time;
Mars: 02/26/2012; 23:53 Local time.

Telescope & Câmera:
SkyWatcher DOB 12" Collapsible;
ORION StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera III.

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