June 6, 2007

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What Crater is This?


image by Damian Peach

It's not often that I can’t identify a lunar feature as soon as I see it. But this image by Damian stumped me. So I started analyzing it. First, the elliptical shapes of the craters show that this area is near the limb. Second, the background area is not maria, but it's not typical highlands either. Hmm. And the crater in the middle of the image is not pristine - it's got a weird textural roughness, not the look of normal degradation. This looks like impact basin ejecta. So this crater has to be near Imbrium or Orientale, the only basins near the limb with well preserved ejecta. But it doesn’t look like the Imbrium ejecta influenced areas south of Mare Frigoris. So, prowling around Orientale finally leads to Imarihgni - can you identify it!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
2006/04/12. C14 @ F41. LU075M.

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