June 4, 2018

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Forgotten Corner

Originally published February 23, 2009 LPOD-Feb23-09.jpg
image by Mario Weigand, Offenbach am Main, Germany

The southeast corner of Mare Crisium is marked by Promontorium Agarum, a remnant of the Crisium basin rim, a round skating rink of a crater (Condorcet) and two almost twins (Alhazen and Hansen). Compared to one of the best images from 40 years ago, Mario's is like being in orbit. You can clearly see that the lavas of Mare Crisium surrounded and lapped up against Agarum and all the mountains here. The lavas on the floor of Condorcet are the same color on the Clementine multispectral image (and thus are probably similar composition) to the older lavas around the eastern edge of Mare Crisium and all the little mare patches nearby.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
01/12/2009. Celestron C14 XLT with DMK 31 AF03.
This is another LPOD that came from an image uploaded to the LPOD Photo Gallery.

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