June 3, 2008

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Massive Sliver

image by Chris Kotsiopoulos

No, it's not an old engraving or an artist's perception of the Moon hanging above a mysterious landscape. It's actually a photo of the thin crescent Moon next to Parthenon, only 2 degrees above the horizon. The strange appearance of the ancient temple is the result of the very dim conditions and the fact that I have used an Equatorial mount. The result is a still image of the Moon and a rather 'shaken' temple. (Earthquakes are common in Greece, so this is not unusual!) At the time of the shooting I literally couldn't see the foreground or the Moon. I manage to spot the temple from the three dim lights at the right of the complex.
Chris Kotsiopoulos

Technical Details
02-June-2008 01:38 UT. Bresser Skylux 70mm + Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi, Shutter Speed: 5 sec, ISO Speed 1600 + EQ6 Pro.

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