June 29, 2009

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Golden Copernicus

image by 오봉환 - Bonghwan Oh, Seoul, South Korea

The most familiar spot on the Moon is bound to be Copernicus and its environs. It is big, well-placed and dramatic. And as this first LPOD from Korea shows it's beauty is always a treat. This can't be the natural color of the Moon, but as Bonghwan writes, color can give us a more delicious feelings about the target objects. I like the richness, like an oriental golden plate embossed with a classic scene.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
June 16, 2009; 02:50 local time. Takahashi CN-212 Cassegrain mode (FL:2630mm) + Teleview Powermate 2X + SBIG ST-4000XCM one shot color (select best image from 30); Nebulosity + Photoshop.

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