June 25, 2007

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A Tradition Lives On

image from The New Moon (pdf), United Kingdom

More than 100 years ago ardent British students of the Moon submitted their observations to journals such as The English Mechanic and the British Astronomical Association’s Memoirs of the Section for the Observation of the Moon. In the 50s and 60s (and maybe longer in each direction) the BAA published a small journal called The Moon (to which I submitted a few reports). This long tradition still holds, with editor Peter Grego recently bringing out a new issue of the BAA Lunar Section’s The New Moon. This journal is online and can be freely downloaded as a PDF file. The major article, on the Messier twins, is classical: it reports the author’s observations and interpretations and compares them with earlier drawings, but never refers to telescopic or spacecraft images that might resolve questions. The remainder of the issue does include digital images and drawings. Reading over The New Moon is a reminder of the pleasure of observing, sketching and wondering about the origins of things seen.

Chuck Wood

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