June 23, 2024

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Open Moons

Originally published March 7, 2014 LPOD-Mar7-14.jpg
image from The Open University

I learned in the latest edition of the ever-interesting Lunar Section Circular from the British Astronomical Association of a new MOOC called Moons. For those not into recent educational innovations, MOOCs are massive open online courses, typically with thousands to tens of thousands of students scattered all around the globe. The lectures are presented as weekly videos and there are activities to complete and discussions to participate in, all online. Most MOOCs, like this one, are free, and each student decides how much effort to invest. For most MOOCs only 10-20% of the starters complete everything to earn a certificate of completion. But MOOCs are not a failure for they have allowed millions of students to access and follow as much as they want some of the best courses and teachers in the world. My old friend Dave Rothery has put together this Open University MOOC which will cover not just our favorite moon, the Moon itself, but consider many of the 160 odd others. The 8-week course starting March 17 is said to be for beginners, but considering the range of places and processes represented there will be things for everyone to learn. I've signed up.

Chuck Wood

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