June 21, 2014

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Bowling Pins

image by Javier Martinez, Madrid, Spain

Towering over their neighbors, these four giant pins were constructed to make it easier for planetary bowling newbies to achieve success. The Moon is a favorite ball for the cosmic players because it has a suitable heft and holes to insert fingers for control. But there are broad gutters - basically anywhere except the pins - due to differential gravitational attractions. Previous pins, destroyed in play were at Meidum, Pharos of Alexandria, and Angers, France. These are amongst the very few modern pins for the game, and the occurrence of new holes on Mars and even the Moon suggest that bowling balls of smaller dimensions are now simply being dropped.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Full moon rising over the "Four Towers Business Area" in Madrid. Shot on May 14, 2014. Camera: Nikon d7000 and Tamron sp500 lens. One single shot at Iso100 f8, 1/6 s. The distance between me and the towers was 18 kilometers.

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