June 21, 2013

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Harbinger Highlights

image by Jocelyn Serot, France

This is definitely not the good season for imaging the Moon. It's too low on the horizon both on first and last quarter. Yet, yesterday evening, I couldn't resist fitting the camera behind my small 6" Mak to take this image, despite a very bad seeing. All the mounds, mountains and domes emerging from the smooth surface of western Procelarum were just catching the eye. I think there is a lot to tell about the similarities and differences between all that are visible here : the Gruithuisen domes, the V-shaped and Baby-shaped mountains west of Delisle, the Harbinger Mountains and Mons La Hire. There's also an arc south of Prinz : curved ridge trace of a large buried crater?

JJocelyn Serot
CAW note: I enhanced the contrast and slightly enlarged Jocelyn's image; his original is here

Technical Details
2013-06-19, 21h20 UT. 6" Intes Mak-Cass @ prime focus, IR>685 filter, Basler 1300 camera. Processing Autostakkert (300/3000) + Registax 6.

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