June 21, 2007

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More In and Out

venus_set_final.gif venus_rise_final.gif
images by Павел Пресняков (Pavel Presnyakov), Kiev Ukraine

I told many submitters of images that the LPOD of two days ago was the only coverage of the occulation of Venus that would appear here. But then Pavel sent these wonderful sequences and I buckled again. Such events may tell us something about Venus or the limb of the Moon, but from my perspective they are simply wonderful capturing of a scene that I was on the wrong side of the Earth to see.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
June 18, 2007; 14:45 UT (left) and 15:59 UT (right). 10″ TAL-250K Klevtsov 1:8.5 + 3X barlow + EVS-135, b/w 640×480 30fps; 30 frames for every animation frame in Registax4.

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