June 20, 2008

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Greek Moonrise

image by John Doukoumopoulos

Camera, telescope, mount, focus, everything is set ready in position. Calculations in advance make sure that the full moon will appear by the temple any second now. Heart is beating fast. And there it is! Ohh, another beautiful full moon! The present in harmony with the past! You start shooting! Meanwhile you cannot help admiring the unique beauty of the naked nature. It is not only what you capture with your camera, mainly is what you see with your eyes and you keep in your memory. Gorgeous! But it lasts just a few moments! Afterwards, you may share your photos with your friends, so that the can also admire some of what you saw. Only static moments though. They are not able to see the whole image of the succesive passing of the rising full moon behind those ancient columns, gaining height and light at the same time. This is what I tried to share with you with this animation, which I created from 17 sequential shots to the rising full moon, by the ancient temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, the evening of June 18, 2008.

John Doukoumopoulos

Technical Details
WO-ZS80FD @ f/5.6 - Canon 300D - Exp.1/5 sec @ ISO200

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1. In addition to the lovely photos of this moonrise by John (above) and Anthony (on the APOD), LPOD regular Elias Chasiotis contributed an equally beautiful sequence of still photos, taken from a very slightly different perspective (causing the Moon's lower limb to just touch the temple's upper pillars) to the Space Weather website. There seems to have quite a gathering of talented Greek amateur-imagers at Cape Sounion on Wednesday evening... - JimMosher-lg.jpg JimMosher


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