June 2, 2012

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The Moon's MVF

image by Jordi Ortega

Volcanoes are my second love. I have tramped around many of them, especially active ones, in various countries and continents and even written a book about the North American ones. The Moon has vast volcanic lava plains - the maria - but mostly only puny volcanic mountains. Earth has a lot more diversity volcanologically, but telescopic views of lunar volcanoes can be a challenge that is fun too. Domes are the best known lunar volcanoes, and every telescopic volcano hunter should include the Arago, Hortensius and Kies domes in their bucket list. And there are rare steep-sided volcanoes such as San Francisco Volcanic Field north of Flagstaff, Arizona. One of the things that field mapping has shown about the 700 SFVF cones is that it did not erupt all at the same time - there is an age progression from west to east, from about 6 million years to a thousand years old. The same may be true for the Marius Hills.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
S/C Celestrón 11" HD F 25 + Baader Ir pass filter + DMK 21 618 cámera. Software, Registax6 and Astroart 5.

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