June 10, 2024

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Moon Over Madrid

Originally published February 21, 2014 LPOD-Feb21-14.jpg
image by DANIKXT

When I see a dawn Moon from the city, I keep thinking about the amount of people who follow in your daily routine without realizing it. It is possible that this is one of the most beautiful moments of the night and few people have bothered to take 10 minutes to watch this show.

A friend asked me how far were the buildings? How can you to photograph such large moons?
I gave all the technical data, but the secret is:

As close as possible to the Moon and get away as possible from Earth.

It seems a utopia, but we who have photographed with telescopes will know what I mean.


Technical Details
2014-02-19, hour 23:40. exp: 1/3 sec. ISO 2500. Telescope Long Perng + Barlow x2 + Camera Nikon D610

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