June 10, 2008

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The Moon is Down - is It Out?

image by P.Nikolakakos, Sparta, Greece

Sometimes it feels like the Moon is about to set for LPOD. No great new images from amateurs, no recent releases from the Moon missions of Japan or China, and nothing ever to say about SMART-1. Bring on the images...

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
05-22-08 6:19. Dob 12 + Canon 350 d, iso 100, 1/100 sec.

Yesterday's LPOD: CEB & DEB

Tomorrow's LPOD: Learning a Lot About Little Hills


(1) Chuck, i understand your demand for high resolution lunar images of special interest, but it is natural that they can' t be found every day. On the other hand i think that LPOD will never lose it' s inspiration, once images like the above are published. Some images speak for themselves and there is no need for worrying!
Elias Chasiotis

(2) Don't give up. Everything has its ups and downs -- and the moon always rises again. We just got our 30" up and running with its new GoTo drive, and I'm hoping to eventually get some images there. Also hoping to find images that were done for NASA in the 1960s for help in choosing the first moon landing site. Kay Meyer


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