July 7, 2018

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Originally published April 11, 2009 LPOD-Apr11-09.jpg
image by Damian Peach, Barbados

I can't apologize for having three LPODs from Damian Peach in four days because his extraordinarily good images just keep arriving! Damian has just started processing images he took in Barbados in 2007, and Plato is the first one out. Damian writes,This image mosiac of Plato taken under almost perfect seeing and transparency conditions i consider possibly my best lunar image to date. More than one hundred craterlets are seen littering its floor. Comparing this to Eratosthenes or Arzachel makes it clear that the lava fill in Plato's floor rises up to the bottom of the rim-crest scarp, covering much of the terracing as well as the central peaks. Also this image does not show any half-flooded or ghost craters on Plato's floor, indicating that the top-most lava flows were deposited soon enough after the previous eruption so that few craters had time to form on it. Alternatively, the top layer of lavas is thick enough to completely bury earlier formed craters.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
May 25, 2007, Approx 23:00 UTC. 14" scope at F42 in green light with the Moon 74º above the horizon.
Note the elusive rille to the left of Plato coming out of the crater's ejecta onto Mare Imbrium.

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