July 7, 2013

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Chapelet Luna

image by José-Esteban, France

I had to google José's title for this LPOD. Chapelet is a French word for rosary or prayer beads, and all his image lacks is the string between them. Prayers of mysteries are recited while fingering a rosary. In this lunar rosary the mystery is what happened to the missing earthshine? The strange wispy clouds that drape some beads don't seem thick enough to occult the illumination, and why largely just the earthshine? The not quite dark blue and the panorama of stars in this image remind me of the beginning of Peter Pan when Wendy and the children fly across the London skyline enroute to Never-Neverland. Mysteries are to be expected.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
100mm - 2s - 1600iso - Canon 600D

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