July 6, 2014

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Good Morning, Sunshine

image by Maurice Collins, New Zealand

This is a classic image. It shows three of the most familiar craters to lunar observers, under a lighting that most of us have missed. Immediately captivating are the two peaks sticking up to of the inky blackness (is there any other kind?), hinting at the unveiling of floor details as the Sun rises higher. Those who have followed the work of Tony Cook, Raf Lena and the GLR group may recognize the little bit of lighting on the floor of Alphonsus near its bright peak.This is the sort of unexpected and temporary illumination that was previously reported as a TLP. In addition, the saucers denting the floor of Ptolemaeus are very well seen. These are also only fleetingly observed, for the Sun quickly rises, making the shadows cast by their gently sloping rims disappear. A discerning eye will also notice the same sort of ephemerally-seen saucers on the floor of Albategnius. A Sunday morning sleepy eye, before coffee, might just say, Lovely image, eh?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
July 5, 2014, 05:46 UT. C8

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