July 4, 2018

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Big Ghost Ring

Originally published April 6, 2009 LPOD-Apr6-09.jpg
image by Dmitry Makolkin, Moscow, Russia

Virtually all mountains on the Moon are rims of craters or basins. Dmitry's excellent regional view centered on the Taurus Mountains shows how apparently unconnected they are to the adjacent Serenitatis Basin, which they presumably are related to. As I pondered that I noticed a series of isolated short arcs that my mind connected together - they are marked in black on the small image to the left. This big arc is similar to the battered rings of ancient impact basins. My mind's partial ring stretches from Prom. Archerusia, past Littrow and Römer and points toward Franklin. This mega arc, if extrapolated, would be bigger than the Imbrium Basin. It is not positioned properly to be part of the giant Gargantuan or Procellarum Basin. It also doesn't hint at being foreshortened as its moderate latitude would require, so it probably is not real. What do you think? Chuck Wood

Technical Details
30 March 2009, 22:46MSK, (GMT +3h). TAL-250K telescope + Astronomik IR Pro 742 filter +DMK 31AU03.AS camera. 350 of 7,100 frames stacked in Registax 5, then deconvolurion Lucy-Richardson, curves and levels.

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