July 31, 2014

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Mini & Maxi

image by Stefano Sciarpetti, Perugia, Italy

Here is an image of our Moon taken on two different dates: Super Moon on 2013/6/22, and Micro Moon on 2014/1/15. The quality is not good, but for me the most important thing is to show the difference between the two Moons (12%).

Stefano Sciarpetti
Note: I (CAW) am working on a new project which I'll reveal next week.

Technical Details
Super Moon: 2013/6/22, 21:35 UT, 1/1000 sec., 5.6 av, ISO 100
Micro Moon: 2014/1/15, 20:21 UT, 1/1000 sec., 5.6 av, ISO 100
Canon EOS 400D, and a zoom at 400 mm (real) focal lenght on a tripod. The two images were superposed in Digital Photo Professional with HDR technique.

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