July 29, 2013

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Three Troughs

image by Leo Aerts, Belgium

The bent rille in Furnerius is known but not often observed visually. It was illustrated in an early LPOD from 2004 and the text is still the best description of Furnerius around. Here I want to shift attention to the floor of nearby Stevinus. The smoothness suggests it may be covered by impact melt, and the NAC views in QuickMap confirm it. Leo's image shows subtle ridges and perhaps troughs on the floor against the right wall. On the NAC views these appear to be mostly buried wall debris mantled by impact melt. It is neat that they can be seen on a amateur's telescopic shot. And don't overlook the gouge-like secondary craters from Petavius at upper left.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
25 juli 2013 2h31 UT. DMK 31AF03 webcam on my C14 with 1.8x barlow and a Baader redfilter

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