July 25, 2013

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Lunar News


Yesterday I noticed a neat posting by space artist Ron Miller about a recovered video interview from 1950 of George Pal, Robert Heinlein and Chesley Bonestell. These guys were central to the making of the classic Destination Moon and were also the best of the best in their respective fields: scifi movie direction, scifi, and space art. I wanted to share this interesting piece of information but had no obvious way to reach folks who might be interested. So I started a Facebook page, Lunar News. Until now nobody knows of it so there are only a few postings that I made. But the idea is that anyone can add Moon-related news, discoveries, observations, comments, discussions, etc that maybe don't fit for LPOD or the Moon-Wiki. I would like to keep comments on LPOD photos/text in the comment section of each day's LPOD but I know that the registration needed for commenting often takes hours before I see the request and approve. Since a billion people have FB accounts, chances are that LPOD readers will be in that group! Unlike LPOD, I won't post something on Lunar News every day, but you can when ever you have something lunar to share. Who knows, perhaps we will make it easier to discuss our favorite topic, and perhaps attract some new lunatics. Come visit, let people know what you are observing, share an image, and say hello.

Chuck Wood

Yesterday's LPOD: Wide Base Line Stereo

Tomorrow's LPOD: Excellence Times Two


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