July 23, 2014

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Who Made This Map?

image from KnowledgeHi

I like this map, but its origin seems to be unknown. Even the exhaustive list of maps at the International Planetary Cartography Database in Hungary, which includes an image of this map, has no certainty of its provenance, suggesting that it is Russian from the 1970s-80s. The names of craters are in the Russian alphabet, but strangely there is no title, author nor institute name anywhere. The map does not appear at all in our (all of us who contribute) The Moon Wiki massive list of Lunar Maps. Maurice Collins came across it at a screen wallpaper site while hunting online for old lunar maps. Larger version are available there as well as at the IPCD. The reason I like this map is that it is very attractive. The use of gray for the maria and a yello/tan for bright areas is very effective at defining regions. And the white of crater rims and some mountains highlights those features. When seen at full resolution the white crater ovals look skeletal, as if they are all that remains after something has eaten away the lower terrains, but the detail and landing site circles make it a most attractive and informative map. Who will discover it's origin?

Chuck Wood

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