July 20, 2008

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39 And Counting

image by Ian Regan, Plymouth, UK

Much of the electronically connected (TV and radio) world was waiting 39 years ago today for the Apollo 11 crew to land on the Moon. That epic feat was successful, a moonwalk collected samples and emplaced sensors, and the next day the first men on the Moon left for home. Ian has used the two frames from the 16 mm Maurer Data Acquisition Camera, looking out Aldrin's window, to show Tranquility Base just seconds before it was transformed by humans. The blue silhouette marks the actual landing position of the Eagle, and the area shown is where Armstrong and Aldrin planted the US flag, solar wind collector and TV camera during the EVA. Both Neil and Buzz were born in 1930; half of their lives have occurred since Apollo 11. I hope they get to see the next Earthlings land on their Moon.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Ian has presented this DAC sequence and those for other missions at Unmanned Spaceflight.com

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