July 2, 2016

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Little Magazines

Originally published June 20, 2006


journal edited by Peter Grego

Back in the 1960s I learned of a little mimeographed magaine published by the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association. I only ever got one or two issues (including one that reported some of my observations) but I wanted them all. Little magazines were aimed at microscopic segments of the population, the handful of people with a shared interest. Little magazines are mostly disappearing, but in their place are websites and downloadable magazines that are still aimed at people with special interests, but now the info is freely available all over the world. Here is the latest issue of a little online journal devoted to the Moon. Luna has been published as a print journal since 1975, and issues are online since 1998. The current issue features the upcoming lunar impact of SMART-1, a remembrance of lunar artist Harold Hill, a description of lunar illusions and 17 pages of photos and drawings of lunar features. If you like to sketch the Moon check out the drawings in Luna for there are a variety of styles, including the very classic looking one of the Kies region. Another little lunar magazine, previously featured in LPOD, is Selenology. The Lunar Observer is another online magazine, and Selenology Today has made a big splash with its first issue. We all must thank Peter Grego for Luna, Bill Dembowski for Selenolgy and TLO, and Raf Lena and his editorial team for Selenology Today! Are there other little magazines, virtual or otherwise, about the Moon?

Chuck Wood

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