July 17, 2016

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Scene in a New Light

Originally published July 11, 2006

image by George Tarsoudis

The Aristarchus region is a familiar target for observers and imagers - it is a small area with a great concentration of diverse features. But I have seen lots of images - some superb - and additional ones typically don’t offer anything new. George, who has a ImageJ. I was impressed with this Java image processing program a number of years ago, and it has improved greatly since then. It has an active band of supporters who have contributed hundreds of plugins to allow many types and analysis and enhancements. Check it out.


Technical Details:
8 July. 2006. LXD-75 8″ SCT + Toucam Pro + UV/IR cutoff filter. Digitial image processing with ImageJ and final in Photoshop.
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